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TENDER (cerbiatto)
Tema muschio con idea di tenerezza.
Bergamotto, Cassis, Ciste Superessenza. Accordo Muschi Verdi, Bacche di Ginepro, Pepe Nero.
Patchouli, Legno Sandalo, Legno Cedro Virginia, Musk.
Weight: 0,55 kg
Height: 10 cm
Diameter: 8,5 cm


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The art and black humour of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari on a collection of 100% natural wax scented candles. Each scent has been inspired by the respective iconic TOILETPAPER image. Light up your space, infuse your home with a lavish scent and smile!

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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 cm

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