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Shopper TP 20



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Toiletpaper is an artists’ magazine created and produced by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, born out of a passion or obsession they both cultivate: images. The magazine contains no text; each picture springs from an idea, often simple, and through a complex orchestration of people it becomes the materialization of the artists’ mental outbursts. Since the first issue, in June 2010, ‘Toiletpaper’ has created a world that displays ambiguous narratives and a troubling imagination. It combines the vernacular of commercial photography with twisted narrative tableaux and surrealistic imagery. The result is a publication that is itself a work of art, which, through its accessible form as a magazine, and through its wide distribution, challenges the limits of the contemporary art economy.


Shopper + Toiletpaper Magazine N.20

Size: 38×40
Polyester microfiber fabric
Double-sided, full color sublimation transfer printing
Stitching with thread
Solid color printed handles 70cm long
Packaging: folded and individually wrapped in a transparent bag


Italy 2-3 working days
Europe 3-4 working days
Extra Cee 7-10 working days